Zhengzhou Fangming High-Temperature Ceramic New Material Co., Ltd. has developed and applied the following two new slag stop mechanism slide plates for the application of converter slag stop mechanism and obtained patent authorization:

1.  Anti-metallic solution swirling slide plate: the converter slag stop mechanism anti-swirl slide plate and passage used for the passage and closure of steel smelting and other high-temperature solutions. It includes steel tap bricks, inner nozzle bricks, inner slide bricks, and outer The slide brick and the outer nozzle brick are composed of 5 bricks. At the same time, the brick and the brick are connected by concave and convex, the bottom plate, the refractory layer or the refractory inlay layer and the adhesive layer, the inner wall of the solution channel of the inner slide brick and the outer slide brick are designed to be different The regular-shaped channel is concave and convex. The bonding plane between the inner slide block and the outer slide block is pressure-pressed by the outer mechanism, and there is no gap. The push of the external force mechanism causes the friction between the inner slide block and the outer slide block to pull to the channel.

Corresponding position, the solution passes; the design of this product can prevent the formation of a spiral solution caused by pressure when the solution passes between the inner slide tile and the outer slide tile, and force the regular spiral solution to be a downstream solution. The irregular scouring of the solution channel and the adhesion of steel slag caused the damage of the inner and outer slide plate fitting surface and the damage of the inner nozzle brick and the outer nozzle brick by the spiral solution. It has a good effect; it greatly saves resources, while saving costs and increasing Long service life and strong practicability. Secondly, the irregular concave-convex design of the solution channel of the built-up combined crucible can be designed arbitrarily, and it is not limited by the shape under the premise of ensuring the throughput of the solution, which improves the current continuous large-scale production demand in the smelting, purification, and metallurgical industries.

2. The upper displacement slide plate of the anti-inlaid body under pressure: It relates to the field of metallurgical equipment, especially the embedded anti-indentation upper displacement ceramic inner core slide plate used on the converter slag stop mechanism, including a slide plate, and the outer ring surface of the slide plate is installed The clamping piece, the slide plate is provided with a liquid hole, and a ceramic inner core for circulating the solution is arranged in the hole. The ceramic inner core includes an inner core body. The outer wall of the inner core body is not smooth, and the top of the inner core body is circular and extends outward There is a boss, the center of the inner core body has a cylindrical through hole for circulating the solution.

The slide plate includes a substrate, a heat insulation plate and a bottom plate that are bonded together from top to bottom. The slide plate is used for the embedded ceramic interior of the circulating solution. The core is designed as a T-shaped integrated product structure, and the outer circle can be designed as an irregular shape, which can effectively prevent the ceramic parts embedded in the upper slide plate from sinking and shifting due to the high surface pressure between the upper and lower slide plates at high temperatures. It greatly saves resources, saves costs, increases the service life of the overall skateboard, and has strong safety and practicability.

Post time: May-25-2021