Zhengzhou Fangming High Temperature Ceramic New Material Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Fangming NewM) sincerely invite the world’s clients to attend the 16th China Int’l Refractories and Industry Ceramics Exhibition, meantime the 20th China (Shanghai) Int’l Metallurgy Industry Exhibition, also the 17th refractories new knowledge speech- the common key technologies in refractory industry and advanced equipments forum held in the Shanghai National Exhibition Center (Hongqiao) 4.1 Hall from May 13-16th, 2020. Then we will show our latest R&D, mass production zirconia special ceramics- 150T Capacity of EAF Slag-stopping 170*600 ZrO2 slide plate, Large capacity of Converter taphole slag stopping using promotioned 140 and 150 zirconia slide plate and zirconia ring, the rare oxide composite ceramic SS Thermal fields in the artificial crystal sapphire grower, etc. Our Booth No. : 4MH17. Weclome the world’s prefessionors and friends have a visit on our booth and talk over the business cooperation.

We are mainly R&D and manufacturing the super high-Temp. appliaction, zirconia special ceramic materials and products, which are mainly used in the super high-Temp. (1800-2700 deg.cel) industry. The whole technical performance index of the goods have obtained the obvious advantage in the same industy of the world, and the over-all performance has exceeded the ones made in the advanced countries , such as EU and USA.

Fangming NewM have the enough capacity to complete and produce these super-large-size and complex shapes ultra-high temp. ceramic products with strict process requirements. The product density can reach 5.5cm/3 and the apparent porosity can be controlled within 1%. For example, slide plate and zirconia rings used in the field of high temp. flow control, zirconia ceramic lip bricks with high density and high contents applied in the field of ultra-thin electronic glass, sintered plates applied in the field of electronic devices firing, and some fired devices applied in the field of 3D glass pressing equipment, etc. They can also be applied in other field widely. Using our products can reached the steady performance and effect within 0-2700 deg.cel. in the vacuum, etc. protective atmosphere.

Post time: Feb-28-2020