Zhengzhou Fangming High Temperature Ceramic New Material Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as “Fangming NewM”) has been upgrading and transforming the production environment and production equipment for nearly three years, and have installed dozens of the advanced dust-collecting devices and high-pressure spraying equipment and the ultra-low emission monitoring equipment. Through this monitoring equipment, the department can be monitoring the detailed production situation of the workshop in real time. In Nov. 2019, Fangming NewM has been vertified about the environmental protection in-depth treatment by Depart. of Ecology and Environment of Zhengzhou City.

During the period of end of the old year and begining of the new year, the COVID-19 epidemic situation has ravaged Wuhan, Hubei and the whole China.The whole Chinese people united as one to fight against the epidemic, resume production and work. Finally, at the end of April 2020, the epidemic has been basically controlled and the national economy is on the right track. While fighting the epidemics in 2020, Fangming NewM has always insisted on taking the environmental protection and promoting green development work.

On the afternoon of April 27th, 2020, the leader of Depart. of Ecology and Environment of Zhengzhou City came to Fangming NewM to inspected the environmental deep governance work. Mrs Zhang Ning, deputy general manager of Fangming NewM was responsible for the reception. The leaders of the Depart. of Ecology and Environment went to the mixing workshop, pressing workshop and grinding workshop of the plant for on-site inspection, inquired about the daily work of the workers. Mrs Zhang introduced the advantages and uses of the special zirconia ceramic products independently developed and produced by Fangming NewM detailedly in the meeting room. The leader well knew the current environmental protection measures taken by Fangming Newm, and praised that Fangming NewM continued to strengthen the implementation of national policies and guidelines on environmental protection aspects. They hoped that Fangming NewM could clearly recognized the importance of national policies on environmental protection in-depth governance and persevered in this work for a long time

Setup in Sep. 2015, Fangming NewM is one High-New Technology Enterprise, professionally manufacturing the high-purity and ultra-high-temp. new type of composite nano-ceramic materials and products as the zirconia basic material, the production capacity per year is 30000tons, and the leading company of manufacture the speical zirconia ceramic materials and products in China mainland.

Through this governance, Fangming NewM has deeply realized that there is no end in environmental governance. Based on the current situation of environmental governance, we should closely take around the relevant national policies, continuously learning and adopting the high-tech ways from the provincial and municipal brother units, continuously strengthening environmental governance, and vigorously promoting the development of green industry.

Post time: Apr-30-2020