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Sapphire is commonly called corundum, and the main component is Al2O3. It has the good optical, thermal, dielectric and mechanical, etc. properties. It is a multifunctional crystal material with excellent comprehensive properties.

Sapphire has the obvious characteristics of high hardness, wear resistance, stability at high temperature states, good dielectric properties, high light transmittance and so on. It is an important basic material in modern industry. At present, it is widely used in LED, consumer electronics, instruments, military industry and other fields.

The main production methods of sapphire single crystal are Kyropoulos method (KY),Vertical Horizontal Gradient Freezing (VHGF), edge-defined film-fed crystal growth(EFG), heat exchange method (HEM), crucible descent method(Bridgman), sol-gel dip coating method method Czochralski method) and flame melting method(Verneuil method). Among them, the Kyropoulos method (KY) is the most suitable method for large-scale crystal growth, and the production cost is low, which is the most commonly production method at home and abroad.

Kyropoulos (KY) method is a kind of crystal growth method which is invented by kyropoulos from Russia to grow single crystal from molten liquid. Now it is widely used in the growth of sapphire single crystal. The biggest difference from other growth methods is that there is a most part of the crystals in the melt in the shouldering stage and the equal diameter stage . Due to the own characteristics of the crystal in the crystallization process, the crystals can grow to a certain stage. If the temperature is set properly, the continuous crystallization of the crystals can be realized without pulling the seeds upward, and the whole growth process can be completed.

Zhengzhou Fangming high temperature ceramic New Material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Fangming NewM”) Since setup, we have invested the enormous amounts to independently R&D the temperature field of Rare-Earth Oxide Composite SS ceramics Thermal Field for sapphire single crystal grower. After two years of continuous R&D, in May 2016, a batch of SS ceramic thermal field for KY method 120 kg and higher grade Sapphire grower was successfully produced. Then widely used in the sapphire, laser crystal plants in China use, and exported to Russia, the U.S.A. and other places, and got the high reputation from them.

Meantime In 2016, Fangming NewM was applying the thermal field for sapphire grower to the national patent office. In June, 2019, we obtained the invention patent of high-purity yttrium stabilized zirconia SS ceramic thermal field for ultra-high temperature crystal grower . The patent number is 201610274897.6. Since then, Fangming NewM has become the only professional manufacturer with independent property rights of invention patents.

The new type of ceramic thermal field independently invented and produced by Fangming NewM has the following characteristics:

1. Under vacuum and other protective atmospheres, the working temperature of the thermal field can reach 2650 ℃.

2. Under vacuum environment, above 1800 ℃ state, oxygen is released at one time.

3. Postpone and protect the service life of other metal devices in the temperature field.

4. Repeated raising and brought down the working temperature, the service life of cycle is 3 years, raising the 6 times longer than that of metal thermal field.

5. as an example of the thermal field of the 120kg grade crystal ,comparing to the metal thermal field,the growing period is shortened by 25% and the power consumption is saved by more than 40% compared with that of metal one.

6. Break through the bottleneck of large-scale crystal growth thermal field and realize large-scale mass production of crystal.

Ultra-high-temp zirconia special ceramic material and products, we will provide the all-round integrated solutions for ultra-high-temp.temperature, high erosion resistance and high erosion application conditions.

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