Zirconia Crucibles

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    • ZrO2(HfO2)            ≥ 95
    • Fe2O3                      ≤ 0.12
    • SiO2                         ≤  0.4
    • Al2O3                      ≤ 0.2
    • TiO2                        ≤ 0.01
    • MgO                        ≤ 3.0

Product features: Zirconia has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

Product application: usually used for smelting precious metals, such as platinum, gold, nickel alloys and other metals

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We have developed and produced one kind of new type ceramic thermal Field

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Saving 40-50% energy cost

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Super long working life and anti-stripping performance,


Rare Oxide Composite Ceramic Smelting Crucible

Ti-alloy material is the composed alloy of adding other element based on Ti. Ti and Ti- Alloys Products have strong strength, high smelting point, low density, excellent erosion and heat resistance, good mechanical properties, toughness, etc. features, then widely used in the aviation industry, as compressor component of aircraft engine, structure component of rocket, missile, high speed aeroplane, etc. industries.

Casting Technology of Ti- Alloy Products can reveal the industry strength of one country. The limited term of casting is low chemical reacted with other materials at under high-temp. Terms.When casting, it is necessary to adopt HP super Hi-Temp. Material,which could not be wetted and adhered with Ti and Ti- Alloy. HP Y203, HP Y203-Zr02 Solid Solution, HP Barium Zirconate, etc. Ceramic Materials can satisfy the exacting casting term for the Ti & Ti-Alloy products.

Zirconia Crucible (1)

Their working temperature is from 1600-2300 deg.cel. Do not adhere and wet with Ti& Ti- Alloy metal liquids.Excellent chemical stability and crushing resistance. It is the ideal new type material of casting metal Ti&Ti-Alloy, Precious Metal melting and casting industries.

Using the slope of the side wall, the crucible is very convenient to pour the molten metal in it, and the smooth arc bottom makes the metal in it basically reach the same temperature. Therefore, the crucible can save melting time.

Incredible Numbers

   We design and produce composite thermal field for Kyropoulos Way 120kgs Sapphire Ingot by ourselves.

 Service life

Super long service life of up to three years

Save energy

18,000 degrees of energy saving per seeding of 1g of crystals

High temperature resistance

Long working temperature of YZO-ZrO2 series products is 2370-2650℃ in the air,Water vapor, nitrogen and vacuum environments.


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