Metal Powder/Ti Series Powder Sintering Gasket

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    ZrO2: ≥95%
        Maximum use temperature: 2200°C
        Use environment: vacuum/air/atmosphere reduction

  • ZrO2(HfO2)            ≥ 95
  • Fe2O3                      ≤ 0.12
  • SiO2                         ≤  0.4
  • Al2O3                      ≤ 0.2
  • TiO2                        ≤ 0.01
  • MgO                        ≤ 3.0

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    FunMeet Solutions

    We have developed and produced one kind of new type ceramic thermal Field

    Improve With FunMeet

    Saving 40-50% energy cost

    FunMeet And Growth

    Super long working life and anti-stripping performance,

    Electronic Component substrates

    Our products are taking super high temperature composite ceramic raw material, through scientific grain gradation, mixing and grinding ,vibrating pressing, high temp. sintering etc. advanced technology and process finished. They have high-temp resisting,stable chemical performance, excellent thermal shock stability, non- wetting and adhered, easy operating, longer-working life etc. Features. Y203-ZrO2 composite and HP Y2O3 ceramic qualities are what we are usually supplying.


    1.Capacitor etc. Electronic component substrate sintered.

    2.Barium Titanate,Magnetic material sintered.

    3.Metal powder, Ti series powder sintered.


    Excellent chemical erosion resistance and high temperature resistance. It is resistant to erosion by various metal oxide/non-metal oxide melt, high strength, and excellent thermal shock resistance. No chemical reaction and adhesion with the ceramic components to be fired, which can ensure the stability and consistency of the performance of electronic ceramic products and improve the qualification rate of the fired products.

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    Incredible Numbers

       We design and produce composite thermal field for Kyropoulos Way 120kgs Sapphire Ingot by ourselves.

     Service life

    Super long service life of up to three years

    Save energy

    18,000 degrees of energy saving per seeding of 1g of crystals

    High temperature resistance

    Long working temperature of YZO-ZrO2 series products is 2370-2650℃ in the air,Water vapor, nitrogen and vacuum environments.


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