Zirconia metering Nozzle(PMO1 Quality)

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The level of ceramic manufacturing is mainly determined by the manufacture of ceramic powders. High performance and fine grain ceramic powder is the key link to determine the level of ceramic production and manufacture. In recent years, chemical co precipitation, hydrolysis hydrothermal method and organic gel grid method are adopted.

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MO1 Series ZrO2 Composite Ceramic Tundish Nozzle Insert

The utility model discloses a convenient metering reaction kettle for zirconia production, which comprises a kettle body, a gravity sensor, a motor, a water pump and a display screen. The bottom of the kettle body is fixed with a bottom, and the interior of the bottom is installed with a gravity sensor. The motor is fixedly installed above the kettle body, the left and right sides of the kettle body are installed with feed ports, and the lower part of the motor is fixed with a rotating shaft, The water pump is fixedly installed on the left side of the kettle body, one end of the water pump is connected with the water collecting ring through a water guide pipe, the surface of the kettle body is fixedly installed with an observation window, the lower part of the kettle body is fixedly installed with a display screen, and the surface of the water collecting ring is provided with a water outlet, The zirconia reactant above the bottom can be measured and weighed by the gravity sensor inside the bottom, which is convenient to measure the output of zirconia and improve the use effect of the reactor.

Tundish nozzle with embedded the PMO1 high performance ZrO2 Ceramic insert produced by Fangming New Materiral have the super high purity, strong chemical stability at high temperature state, high strength, strong crushing, erosion, thermal shock resisting features, low speed of diameter enlargement, extremely increased the working life of the tundish nozzle Based on the different smelt steel types in tundish and different working conditions of the different tundish nozzles, the working life of the ZrO2 upper nozzle insert, quick-changed nozzle insert, metering nozzle insert produced by Fangming New Material is 6-40hours at continuously working state.

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