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With the material technology continuous development, ladle slide plate, tundish slide plat converter taphole slag-stopping slide plate have been more and more frequently used in the modern smelting steel process. Through special technology optimization, Fangming New Material made continuously researching and testing, successfully produced PMO1 series of higher performance Zro2 composite ceramic Slide Plate, Ring, Insert. They have stronger crushing, erosion and thermal shock resisting, higher wearing resisting, embedded in the Al203-c(Corundum castable )body, as one kind of new type composite slide plate used in China large special steel plants, the max working time of converter slide plate is 28 times, the max one of ladle slide plate is 8 times.

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PMO1 Series Zro2 Composite Ceramic Slide Plate, Zro2 Ring, Insert

Zirconia sliding plate has excellent mechanical strength, good wear resistance and erosion resistance; The manufacturing method of the high temperature resistant zirconia sliding plate is simple, the synthetic zirconia sliding plate has low impurity content and high product quality.

The slag retaining technology of converter sliding plate is a new technology and process developed in recent years. Aiming at the problems of poor thermal shock performance such as cracking and spalling during the use of zirconia sliding plate, this work takes improvement measures such as the optimization scheme of composite molding of zirconia sliding plate, the phase composition regulation of monoclinic / cubic ratio and the optimization of microstructure, The thermal shock performance of the improved zirconia sliding plate is significantly improved from the previous 3 times to 6 times in the water quench crack determination method test. The improved zirconia sliding plate is used in batch at the steel outlet of a 120t and 150t converter, the service life is stable near 20 furnaces, the surface of the lower line plate is flat and smooth, and there are no previous common phenomena such as cracking and peeling. The application results confirm the effectiveness of the improved measures.

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