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In order to improve the high temperature stability of pure ZrO2 aerogels, ZrO2-SiO2 composite aerogels were prepared by dropping epoxy propane with TEOS as silicon source and zirconium nitrate as zirconium source. The effects of zirconium silicon ratio and heat treatment temperature on the structure and properties of the composite aerogels were investigated. The results showed that when the ratio of zirconium and silicon was 1:1, the specific surface area of the composite aerogels was the largest, which was 551.7 m2/g. The specific surface area after heat treatment at 1000 C is 239.3 m2/g, and the specific surface area after heat treatment at 1200 C is 89.5 m2/g.. Compared with pure ZrO2 aerogel, the ZrO2-SiO2 composite aerogel prepared in this study has better thermal stability.

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Photovoltaic Rolling Glass Industry- HP ZrO2 Composite Ceramic Lip Brick

The high-purity and high-performance nano-zirconia composite ceramic lip bricks produced by Fangming NewM, Itis used in the front zone of shaping rolls of the glass production line. The size of this product we are supplying can be customized according to customer's required size. Itis composed by the several pieces with the seamless joints and the smoothness of the surface is controlled below 0.003 mm. It has the excellent thermal shock stability, the strong erosion of alkaline resistance, long serving life and high yield rate of glass products etc.advantages. We can provide the super- high-temp. ZrO2 nano-ceramic products with the large size and complex shapes, the supplied size ranges: Length of 200-1200MM, width of 200-1000MM,and Height of 15-50MM.

The results showed that after mullite fibers were toughened, the fibers distributed evenly in the composite aerogels and played the role of skeleton support. The compressive strength of the composite aerogels increased with the increase of fiber volume fraction. When the fiber volume fraction was 10%, the compressive strength of the composite aerogels reached 0.408MPa (10% deformation). At the same time, the introduction of fiber had no obvious effect on the three-dimensional net pore structure and thermal insulation properties of the composite aerogels.

Ultra-high-temp rare earth oxide composite ceramics products, we will provide the all-round integrated solutions for ultra-high-temp. temperature, high erosion resistance and high erosion application conditions.

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