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Using zircon, fused PSZ mg and fused PSZ CA as raw materials and Y2O3 as additive, the zrsio4-zro2 tundish nozzle with high density was developed. The effects of particle gradation, molding pressure and Y2O3 additive on the properties of zrsio4-zro2 tundish nozzle were studied, and the phase was analyzed by XRD, The microstructure was analyzed by SEM and EDS. the experimental results show that high-performance materials can be obtained by selecting reasonable gradation and molding pressure. Y2O3 can not only act as sintering agent for zirconium materials, but also promote the decomposition of ZrSiO4.

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PMD Series of Zro2 composite ceramic tundish nozzle insert

The experimental results show that the PS based binder system has better strength, surface and smoothness when mixed at 125 ℃ for 10 min, and is less sensitive to temperature, which is more suitable for ceramic injection. On this basis, the powder bearing capacity is increased by 86%, To reduce the defects in the later degreasing and sintering process. Put the mixed feed in muffle furnace for degreasing, study the degradation temperature range of each component of binder by TG, and formulate the degreasing curve suitable for this system. Then burn at different temperatures, The degreasing and sintering surfaces were observed by TEM. The crystal phase changes of zirconia ceramics were investigated by XRD. The mechanical properties of zirconia ceramics at different temperatures were studied. The results show that the composite ceramics sintered at 1550 ℃ have better properties. The composite ceramics composed of alumina and zirconia with different contents were selected for degreasing and sintering. The structure and properties of the composite ceramics were studied by XRD and TEM, And it can reduce the cost of raw materials.

On the basis of PMO1 series of Zro2 composite ceramic products, through continuous special technology optimization, Fangming New Material successfully R&D, produced PMD series of higher performance Zro2 composite ceramic tundish nozzle inserts. They have higher purity, stronger crushing, erosion, thermal shock resisting, longer working life. Their theoretical working life is raised by 30-50% based on the PMO1 series of products at the same working condition.

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