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On the basis of PMO1 series of Zro2 composite ceramic products, through continuous special technology optimization, Fangming New Material successfully R&D, produced PMD series of higher performance Zro2 composite ceramic Slide Plate, Ring, Insert. They have higher purity, stronger crushing, erosion, thermal shock resisting, higher wearing resisting, longer working life. Their theoretical working life is raised by 30-50% based on the PMO1 series of products at the same working condition.

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PMD Series Zro2 Composite Ceramic Slide Plate, Zro2 Ring, Insert

A combination of Raman data with thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) results prove that grafting of organic macromolecules onto ceramic surfaces takes place. Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) has been performed from 100 to +50°C; addition of the ceramic increases the storage modulus ′, more so for modified filler. Compared to PP and thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV), a higher thermal expansion is seen after addition of the ceramic filler, a result of creation of more free volume. The tensile modulus of the composites is about 1.2 times that of pure TPV, an increase in the rigidity clearly caused by the ceramic. Fracture surfaces show weak bonding of filler particles to the matrix. In the sample containing modified filler the tensile deformation is going through the polymer matrix.

A ceramic composite is able to whithstand temperatures in excess of 2200 F on a repeated basis without cracking due to thermal shock. The composite has a web of reinforcement fibers; and a matrix that substantially the web after the firing step. The matrix is formed around the web by impregnating the web with a sol containing alumina and, in some cases, rare earth oxides, and firing the composite after the impregnation. The web may be a three-dimensional orthogonal weave of the reinforcement fibers, where the fibers are a transitional phase alumina. The composite is essentially free of Group I and Group II metals and transition metal oxides. The composite may be used as a refractory brick or lining and may also be used as an insulatingmaterial due to its chemically non-reactive nature.

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